Wednesday, 7 January 2009

snack time

And I choose 'no-no' crackers and chivey Primula... mmm!

About three more rows on Mark's hat and it'll be done. The poobag he is made me undo about 7 rows to increase it so it wasn't too tight. It wouldn't have been too tight, it stretches! Oh well, the public wants what the public gets... Paul Weller anyone?

I got my graduation guest tickets today, 264-266. My ticket will be waiting for me at the Barbican allegedly. Oh well, if it's not I guess I don't have to wear the dumb outfit. So it's now less than two weeks away and I STILL don't have a pendant. Bah!

I bought some legwarmers in the sales yesterday because I liked the colour (sage green) and pattern (some knitted chevron-ish thing), and also because they were £1 for the pair. Yus. Unfortunately, they're too small to get over my shapely calves, so they're going to be arm warmers instead.
This leads me to the actual crochet-ish part of the blogpost. I want a pattern for some nice armwarmers that I can make myself out of whatever yarn takes me fancy.
Now, I like all three of these patterns, which leads me to believe I could knock them together to make one pattern I REALLY like!
Fingerless Gloves
Cable Gauntlets
Mohair Handwarmers (wouldn't be done in mohair cuz of allergies, obviously!)

If anyone knows of any other good patterns, send them my way!

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