Tuesday, 13 January 2009

i can haz wools?

Hey y'all! I got some pics of my felting experiments, and Mark in his hat, so you'd all better be ready for this extravaganza!
^My first needle-felting experience! Not pictured, blood lol!^^My Mark in his hat. I told him to smile nicely and not have a double chin, but never mind ;)

^Second attempt at wet felting!^
^First attempt at wet felting!^
^I like it when the fluff's all puffy!^

Coraline arrived today, as did some more wooly fluff for felting, and a package from Hope! Haven't opened it yet, am savouring the moment! Eeee!

Ok, now it's open. I've been attacked by Smarties! Thanks Hope! x

So yeah, today I'm a bit busy in the morningy/afternoony period but I'll pop back later if anyone's missing my ravelry absence.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Well, then , he's a handsome boyo, he is... It's a loverly chapeau and I am glad you finally got a hold of Coraline..