Thursday, 8 January 2009

snow's all gone now

Which means I can put my big faux fur lined pseudo-Timberlands away until next time! They are the only shoes (boots, whatevs) I can wear when it's icy, or else it's falling on le bum time.

Just need to finish Mark's hat and my list of projects to do will have decreased a bit. On the cards so far:

1) Mark's hat
2) A hat for best friend to match her xmas scarf
3) A scarf for best friend's fiance's nana (woo the thought of getting paid!)

as well as my tailored gifts for each of my dsps in the i.m.e group e which aren't crocheted but are still on the list. Now my moleskine actually has some stuff in it, so I might be able to send it off on Jan. 12th like I'm meant to!

I really want to do some felting... I've found some sites selling supplies but I'm completely in the dark here. I think I need help.

Rainbow Silks has a lot of things.
Feltcrafts also has a lot of stuff.
And then you've got the rest of the google search result. I'm confused.


1 comment:

Frewen said...

Come up to me and we'll talk felting ;)

I'll even show you how !