Thursday, 22 January 2009

still alive

Yep, to quote 'Portal', I am, very much still alive.
I know I've been a bad hooker this week, but I've been a bit busy! Monday was my graduation, Tuesday was job interview (and Mark had a day off work so we played XBOB all day), Wednesday was muma's day off, and now things are back to normal!

I apologise profusely for the lack of crochet recently. I have still been doing it, but not of anything exciting (except one exciting project but I didn't want to put pics up until Hope has her present because otherwise it'll spoil it!), so no pics for the moment.

I am now the (junior) Essex Felter. Blame frewen. And also in a way, Leslie too. Ms. feltypants got me started on wet felting, and by a dint of effort, they both manhandled me into needle felting too. I don't think my fingers will ever forgive them.

So anyway, the point I'm making is thus. Today I made a family of needle felted sheeps. All by myself! YAY ME! And they all have names too... I shall introduce you to:Aengus Fleabag McBaaWee JockieMa MoragArchie
And the whole clan McBaa!
(L-R: Archie, Wee Jockie, Ma Morag and Aengus McBaa)

Well, I'm going to go make some more things... possibly distant relatives of the McBaa clan!


Frewen said...

Fantastic :-D I love it!

Next Moley will include plasters for your fingers ;-)

Hope said...

I <3 Jonathan Coulton (the writer of "Still Alive".)

I loves your little sheepies! What great names. :) And you are very, very sweet.

Loves! And I hope that you're all recovered from the bluster of activity you've had this week!

hehe. My confirmation word is buthosh.

Leslie said...

They iz a loverly family of baaas. I wants me one, I do.
I am so sorry that Frewen and I sucked you into yet another outlet for your creativity (NOT).

My Verification Word is maked, a clean version of naked or a command to go and make it?

DXOX said...

So cute! The veins in the felting are so cool. My fav is Archie!

Heather said...

Those are awesome!! I especially love Archie and Aengus...they have such personality!