Wednesday, 28 January 2009

new wristers

Yep, you read right, I'm working on new wristers. Instead of being called Handy Wristers, these are named Woolly Wristers, as they're made out of 100% wool! Twilley's Spirit, if you wondered. In shade "air", just for completeness's sake ;)
The pattern is slightly different, with a longer dc cuff area, but is still basically along the same lines. I'm a bit miffed that Hobbycraft have overhauled their wool selection, so I can no longer easily buy certain yarns I have become attached to. This annoys me! Although every time I go in there I do pick up a ball of this lovely looking yarn that I always forget what it's called. I know it's like 4ply or sock weight, Hobbycraft have 3 colourways (named after signs of the zodiac, aquarius and pisces stand out to me at the mo) and it's mainly bamboo (I think 85%). You'd think this'd be enough info to google it and get results. Nope. I think it's called "Happiness", but without a maker (Sirdar, Patons, Wendy, all tried, all failed) I can't find it! It's about £5 for a ball (think it's 50g) so I can't actually justify buying it as I don't knit socks, and that's what I want it for.
Lovely Hope and Leslie do sock knitting... they should knit me socks. I have a 50g ball of "Mississippi 3 Print" by Katia (colour 3203 here) from a UKRAK that looks like it should be for socks. It seems a waste to not use it...

Martha's moleskine is here, and I shall commence drooling on it and wiping it on my face... now! Only kidding... maybe.

I've now finished my scarf commission (yay, very bored of scarves!) and some new freaky looking animals that were meant to be colourful sheep but didn't quite turn out that way.
Blaise, the sheeplet, sort of inspired by something Nordic as I was reading Thor at the time!
Erin, the "My Little Pony" thing. She was meant to be sheeplet. Doesn't seem that it was meant to be.Phil, the "teddy-sheep" thing. I dunno what happened here. Adding Blaise coloured wool seemed like a good idea at the time, and I thought I'd finally got those damn Shetland curls (the mossy green stuff) to work properly! BAH!

If anyone has a request for me to make one, or would like to rehome one of the mutants, please comment below. Comment below if you just want to too, but if you want one, that seems the best place to let me know.

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Leslie said...

I love the Erin, as I also love the Erin I have at home.. Too kewl..

Nope, you'll sleep with the carp, not get broken gams, silly...