Tuesday, 27 January 2009

tra la laaa

Hello again people of the interwebs.

I must go to the post office today and mail frewen's moleskine off, or else Leslie will break my legs. How she'll reach from Colorado I don't know, but I'm not willing to take that chance.
So I've finally finished my entry in the first E I.M.E, had to wait for bits to dry etc, and I'm only a day late sending, so nobody can be that cross with me, surely?

I hope my CCC moleskine is ok... I wonder who has it right now? I could check the list, but I'm lazy. And the order's changed, so I dunno if it'd be who I thought it was.

Andyway, someone in my Essex hookers group brought this blog to my attention, so I think I'll be stopping by regularly to take a peek! I particluarly like this pattern, but not being religious myself (as we all know that each person is a god in their own right, and I'm even more godly than anyone :P) I thought I could make one for Mark's nana for Easter. She's a Christian (and diabetic, so chocolate is right out) so I guess she'd appreciate it?

Anyway, I have a list of thigns to do, and a list of his shopping to get, so I must press on. Maybe I'll find some fleece time today too... phew.

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