Thursday, 29 January 2009

ideas flowing

Yes, I'm having ideas left, right and centre. Weird huh? What a change?
The first Woolly Wrister is complete, the second is just a slipknot at the moment, but that will hopefully change soon!
I've written a rough draft of the new pattern, as well as a schematic for a sort of matching collarette that I was thinking of making in a different shade of the same wool. Or maybe from a ball of Jet if I can find a nice enough colour in Hobbycraft. I might go look later. I do need to top my oyster card up (for my non UK friends, an Oyster card is like a bus pass card, you put money on it and it takes the value of one trip off when you board a bus)... One 50g ball should be enough in theory- afterall my alpaca collarette was only a 50g ball!

My other idea is to inspire you all to do a meme. Have you any idea what a meme is? Well, check out the wikilink. I particularly love photo/art memes and am always inspired to do them myself after looking. That's what I hope to do for you guys!

So, this is talumirage's photo-meme:
1) Something I use daily.
2) A view from a window of my house.
3) My favourite colour.
4) My mode of transport.
5) My wool (felt, paint etc) stash.
6) My bad habit!
7) My extravagance.
8) My breakfast.
9) My pets.
10) One word to describe me.

I REALLY want you guys to do it!
Send me a link to wherever you've put it (blog, flickr account, photobucket, facebook album etc) and I'll take a peek!

So this is my one:
1) Something I use daily: my asthma medicines.
2) A view from a window of my house: from my room.3) My favourite colour: green! Although it's a hard choice.
4) My mode of transport: the Underground (or my feet, or buses but who wants to see pics of them?)
5) My (insert craft here) stash: yes, all those bags are full of wool...
6) My bad habit: biting my hangnails until they bleed!7) My extravagance: undies! The spotty ones are silk ;)8) My breakfast: usually just a cup of green tea.
9) My pets: Patti the platypus, Trevor the thing (I crocheted him) and Zero!10) One word to describe me: well, it's true!

Come on peeps, you KNOW you want to do it!


Leslie said...

Oh, you just would, now I have to do it..

Leslie said...

It's done with pictures and everything..

Hope said...

I will see what I can do about doing this. The light's really poor in the apartment (hence few photos of my knitting) but maybe I'll try this tomorrow. If I'm awake.

"She said "Baby, it's 3 am I must be lonely.."

Well it's almost 4am now. Went to sleep early and now I'm up early. :P